Announcing SAS Workshop

A 3-day SAS Workshop offered on May 9-11 in 1105 Snedecor Hall

  • A SAS short course will be offered over three consecutive days (9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. in twelve 75-minute sessions).
  • Several of these sessions will be an introduction to traditional SAS programming.
  • Other sessions will incorporate SAS procedures that involve some applications and statistical graphics, and several SAS procedures available for statistical analysis.
  • The last several sessions will cover SAS Enterprise Guide. SAS Enterprise Guide (SAS/EG) is an easy-to-use Windows application that provides access to much of the functionality of SAS using an intuitive and visual interface
  • We will use the current version (SAS 9.4) that incorporates many enhancement and new features.

It is expected that you have some experience in using SAS currently, because the basic introduction will be brief and we will move onto important details very quickly. The course is organized in four 75-minute sessions each day, with lectures delivered by a professor and assisted by a TA.
You will be encouraged to execute SAS programs during the lectures and will be allowed time to do examples used in class. SAS programs used in class will be provided. We plan to use SAS available in our lab (1105 Snedecor Hall) consisting of terminal servers, and thus you are discouraged from using your own laptops. You will have direct access to the software, programs, and datasets during the workshop in the lab and remotely outside of class. Non-ISU participants will be given a temporary login for the duration of the workshop. A detailed schedule of classes will be provided on the first day of the workshop.
A detailed schedule will be provided on the first day.
Registration fee: All three days for $30 (ISU students), $50 (faculty/other ISU affiliates), $100 (non ISU affiliates). Handouts/notes and online material will be provided.
The fee may be paid by check, intramural (made payable to Iowa State University) or cash to
Marlene Tjernagel,1121 Snedecor Hall. Please provide name, affiliation, and ISU login ID (needed to ensure access to the workshop server). You may pay by credit card if you register at our Eventbrite site:
There are breaks during morning and afternoon sessions with refreshments provided. Lunch is on your own. Enrollment is limited to the first 40 people who sign-up.